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Powerful Plant Based Body & Skincare

Pure Fiji brings you the best of ancient traditions combined with advanced technology for today’s natural body care. We are proud to offer you a complete line of natural beauty therapies containing uniquely Fijian plant extracts – hand selected to guarantee their highest quality.

Pure Fiji is a luxurious skincare and body care range inspired by the pristine beauty of the South Pacific islands. Combining exotic natural ingredients with traditional island remedies, Pure Fiji offers a truly indulgent experience for both the skin and the senses. From nourishing body oils to hydrating facial creams, each product is carefully crafted to transport you to a world of tropical paradise, leaving your skin feeling pampered, revitalised, and radiant. Immerse yourself in the pure bliss of Pure Fiji and embrace the transformative power of island-inspired skincare.

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Hydrating Body Care

Our Hydrating Body Care range features a selection of indulgent products infused with tropical extracts, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and exotic nut oils. From nourishing body lotions and rich body butters to luxurious sugar scrubs and aromatic bath soaks, this range envelops the skin in deep hydration, leaving it soft, supple, and radiantly glowing.


Nourishing Skincare

Formulated with powerful botanicals and potent antioxidants. From gentle cleansers and refreshing toners to rejuvenating serums and hydrating moisturisers, our skincare products cater to various skin types and concerns. They help to restore balance, enhance elasticity, and promote a youthful complexion.

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Nurturing Nature

Our blend of cold pressed coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci nuts revered for their medicinal and beautifying properties contribute pure, unadulterated nourishment, moisturisation, nutrition and protection.

We involve as many communities as possible in the production of our items, and without this network of human interaction, we would be unable to survive and grow.

Available exclusively throughout spa, salon and selected department stores.


Spa & Wellness

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with our Spa & Wellness range. Discover luxurious body wraps, exquisite massage oils, and exquisite spa treatments that transport you to a tropical oasis of tranquillity. Created with the utmost care and attention to detail, these products are perfect for creating a spa-like experience.


Proud Distributors

At The Beauty Assembly, we are a group of skin therapists, beauty experts and absolutely obsessed with all things skin. With over 35 years in the beauty wholesale industry, we are passionate about delivering only the best to our salon partners in New Zealand. We aim to provide a complete solution for your business needs from effective medical grade backbar products that deliver the best in clinic results, to truly luxurious body products that transport clients to a tropical island.

Pure Fiji

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