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Yon-Ka’s unique essential oil complex, delivers the unique olfactive and therapeutic experience that Botanists and Egyptologists by trade, social and beauty conservationists by nature, visionary brothers Charles and Ernst Mühlethaler and his wife Cecile created a skincare brand that married artistry and science to serve the people and planet with multi-sensory formulations consistent in all their products (which remains paramount to the Yon-Ka Paris company mission.)

Yonk-Ka Products

To recreate the spa experience at home, Yon-Ka has developed a range of products for the face and body that prolong the benefits of professional treatments. Each formula created by our labs embodies our desire to provide an effective, targeted response for every stage of life that solves all skin issues (hydration, anti-ageing, nutrition, radiance, uniformity, anti-redness, purity) for all skin types.


The Yon-Ka Facial Experience

Intoduce Yon-Ka treatments into your clinic to offer your clients a truly unique aromatic and sensory experience with immediately visible and lasting effectiveness. 67 years in beauty expertise leading an international family-owned luxurious French-made professional-grade skincare line.
Clean. Scientific. Plant-based formulas for beauty professionals and customers alike. Yon-Ka believe in rediscovering life-giving energy through the power of human touch to release tension, restore life to all of the senses and ultimately, revitalize the skin.
Yon-Ka treatments and products are designed to provide a comprehensive sensory experience.


Yon-Ka in your clinic

Pioneers of aromatherapy since 1954 and creators of the Yon-Ka brand, Multaler Laboratories, a French and family company, encapsulate the forces of Nature at the heart of expert and sensory formulas, with proven results.

Today, around the world, more than 6,000 professionals have chosen to share The Yon-Ka Phyto-Aromatic Treatment Experience to a clientele in love with naturalness, authenticity and results.

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To qualified professionals, Yon-Ka offers progressive and continuous training, polysensory and personalized phyto-aromatic treatments for immediately visible results, a real partnership at all stages of their development.


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